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Victorious verse silent_thorn

Adelaide Brooke argued with him. She fought with him and demanded he reconsider his choices, but in the end she returned home and she lived her life, and Earth found another, slower way to do what it needed to do.

Donna Noble could fight and slap with the best of them, but he still had no intention of losing his best friend. She could stew in her room, but eventually she'd see he was right. And while she did that, he had another vitally important thing to do. Not the last, never the last, not anymore...but the next.

The TARDIS jerked and creaked from the forces pulling at it when he set it down--he'd recalibrate her to better handle their trips when he had time.

For now he raced down the steps of the console room, flung open the doors, and lurched out, grabbing Rose's hand as she passed by. The angle was awkward even leaning out the door as he was, but he was stronger than a human. He could carry her weight and fight against the pull of the void as well, at least for long enough to change her momentum and yank her (topple her, really, since she was already prone) into the TARDIS with him.

The scream of his past self stopped, but as long as the bridge remained open he'd be unable to interfere, even with the sonic screwdriver. Thus, he could afford a moment to favor Rose with a brilliant, manic grin. "Hello, Rose Tyler."

Victorious verse noblexcompanion

And there's no one to stop you.


Adelaide Brooke was a strong-willed, brilliant woman, she reminded him a bit of some of the people he'd traveled with in the past, people he'd lost or who'd left or who'd forgotten him and broken his hearts. People he'd stood by and allowed himself to lose, because he'd been too weak and too frightened and too bound by rules that no longer existed to do anything about it.

She wasn't stronger than him. Not anymore.

He should have learned his lesson from the Daleks a long time ago, no one else played by the rules, why should he? How could he, when it meant the universe would fall to pieces and he would always lose and lose and lose?

It all ended today. And that first step, with a wheezing protest of the TARDIS which he stoutly ignored, began with a TARDIS landing almost flush with its past self, and slamming doors held back.

"Donna." He smiled into the mirror of the TARDIS, lifeless where his glowed more brightly than ever before. "Need a lift?"

Jan. 6th, 2011


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